Dealing with Red Eyes

  • What Causes Red Eye?

    A lot of things, dry eye, lack of sleep, systemic health conditions or vision threatening corneal ulcers. Red eye can also happen when small blood vessels under the tissue that covers the white part of the eye rupture. It can be caused by trauma, violent coughing, heavy lifting or constipation.

  • Is Blood in the Eye Dangerous?

    If you have had eye trauma, let’s take a look and make sure everything is alright. If this is the first time you have experienced it, haven’t had trauma and you are not experiencing pain, you are probably safe to watch it. Heat will help the blood break down and reabsorb more quickly. A second occurrence or discharge associated with the blood deserves evaluation.

  • Can Stress Cause a Red Eye?

    At Advanced Family Eyecare, we have long since given up trying to determine what stress can cause. Yes, probably, but if you are experiencing any pain or discharge it would be wise to get your eye looked at.

  • Can Bloodshot Eyes Be Serious?

    It depends on what is causing the redness. If you have red eyes that won’t go away, pain or discharge, we should take a look and find a cause. Causes may be as simple as allergies which can easily be treated with drops you use once a day or as serious as a manifestation of significant health problems.

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What to Do Next with Red Eyes

  • What Should You Do Next for Red Eyes?

    At Advanced Family Eyecare, we want you to look and feel your best.

    – If the redness is associated with pain, blurred vision, discharge, itching or sensitivity to light, you should have your eyes evaluated.
    – If you wear contacts, you should have the red eye evaluated.

  • Additional Treatments for Red Eye

    If you are experiencing redness without the above, try using some artificial tears 4x a day and see if it helps. At Advanced Family Eyecare, we prefer Systane or Optive. Another really cool product is Lumify by Bausch + Lomb. It can safely get the red out without the rebound redness found in other products.

  • A Friendship & Partnership

    Dr. Jones and his staff really want to get to know you and your family. At Advanced Family Eye Care, we want you to expect to make new friends and find a partner in protecting and maximizing your vision.

  • What You Should Bring to an Eye Exam

    Here’s a short list of things to bring to your eye appointment:

    – Completed Forms. These can be downloaded right here.
    – All Current Eye Wear
    – Your Questions

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