Is LASIK for You?

  • What is LASIK Surgery?

    LASIK is the most popular of the refractive eye surgical procedures which are used to reduces or eliminate dependency on glasses or contacts. While all surgical procedures involve risk, LASIK is safe with a very low complication rate and nearly pain-free. Most patients see well enough to drive the day following surgery and are able to return to work and other activities in just a few days.

  • Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

    Dr. Jones can help you make this important decision. He will look at not only your eyes but what you do for work and fun and give you an honest evaluation of if refractive surgery is right for you, and if so, which procedure is right for you. For some patients, another procedure like PRK, Implantable Contact Lens or Clear Lens Extraction may work better. Dr. Jones will guide you to the right choice.

  • What Is The Next Step?

    Schedule an appointment with Advanced Family Eyecare today to discuss the different options for refractive surgery. If refractive surgery is right for you, most of the pre-surgical and all of the post-surgical care will occur right here in our office with people you know and a doctor you trust.

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What to Know About Lasik

  • Things to Consider

    Here are a few things to consider before getting LASIK surgery:

    – Why are you considering the surgery? Don’t be caught up in a fad. There are no guarantees.
    – Get a quality recommended surgeon. Look for an experienced, board-certified ophthalmologist. Ask direct questions regarding your surgeon’s experience and complication rate.
    – The more nearsighted (myopic) you are, the more likely you may need a repeat procedure (euphemistically called “refinements”). Ask your doctor what the chances are that you’ll need a refinement.

  • Before the Exam

    If we are meeting with you for the first time, we will ask questions to help us determine the best next steps. Questions like:

    – Do you have eye problems currently?
    – Have you had eye problems in the past?
    – If you wear glasses or contacts now, are you satisfied with them?
    – Do you have any health problems we should be aware of?

  • During the Exam

    An eye exam typically involves the following:

    – Review of medical history & vision problem you may be experiencing.
    – Measurement of your visual acuity to determine the need for glasses or contacts.
    – Eye pressure is measured.
    – Different lights and tools are used to evaluate the front and inside of the eye.

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What You Can Expect

Our Promise:

  • We will work to give you the best eye care experience of your life.
  • We will treat you like a member of our family.
  • We will serve and take care of you until you are satisfied.
  • We will give you Care and Quality without Compromise.
  • We will stand behind what we sell with our Exclusive, No Questions Asked Warranty. No one else even comes close.
  • We will provide you with superior medical eye care, the best quality frames and the newest technology in lenses and contacts to maximize your vision.

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