Why Buy Glasses from Advanced Family Eyecare

  • We Want You to Love Your Glasses

    We know that choosing a pair of glasses isn’t just about your vision. It’s about loving how you look! Take your time selecting the right pair for your needs and your style.

  • Latest Technology in Lenses

    We want you to see great as well as look great. We have partnered with Essilor to provide you with the best lens technology available. Lenses are lighter and thinner than ever and advances in optics let you see like never before.

  • Best-in-State Warranty

    Our Two Years, No Questions Warranty for all premium frames and lenses is hard to beat. If the frames break, we will make it right. Lens scratch, we will take care of you. Have a six-year-old who destroys glasses, we are up to the challenge.

  • Offer the Best Value

    We love building amazing glasses. Great looking, quality frames that help you look your best. Advanced technology that allows better vision and eye protection than ever. Fair prices and the states best warranty. This our definition of value.

  • Economy Line

    Need something for just occasional use, we have an economy line that can help you there as well.

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Glasses Details

  • More About Essilor

    Essilor’s advanced lens technology protects your eye from the threats and meets the demands of our modern world. We take great pride in offering the latest in lens technology from the best names in the industry.

  • Choosing Your Frames

    This isn’t a choice to make lightly. We want you to leave our office loving the way you see and look! Never feel rushed at AFE and take your time choosing from our carefully curated collection of frames. We take pride in stocking from lines that offer a level of style and quality you won’t find in most other opticals.

  • Planning for Dilation

    A common part of most eye exams is dilation—eyedrops that allow Dr. Jones to better examine them. Dilation causes temporary sensitivity to light and “fuzzy” vision at near range. This can make it hard to select frames after an exam, so we encourage you to come early to your appointment (about 15-20 mins) to select your favorite pair before dilation occurs.

  • Unbeatable Value

    We absolutely refuse to sell cheap glasses. Though many in the optical industry try to be the cheapest option, we choose to focus on value while offering a best-in-state warranty to protect your investment in quality. We carry Oakely, Ray Ban, Nike, Silhouette, Nine West, Juicy Couture and many more brands that are top in style and durability.

  • Progressive Lenses

    Today’s Progressive Lenses will work for you if you have the best technology, the most correct prescription, and a proper fit. You’ll find all three at AFE.

    Progressives offer:
    – Best vision at every distance with less compromise.
    – No more blurry middle zones!
    – Eyes work together for tandem (binocular) vision.
    – No more lenses with visible lines!

  • Lined Bifocals and Trifocals

    With Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the bifocal lens, a person could see far and near without the hassle of changing or removing their glasses to shift focus. While bifocals give focus for distance (20 feet and beyond) and near (14-16 inches), trifocals have a third or middle segment that focuses your eyes roughly at arm’s length.

    Bi- and Trifocals offer:
    – Less cost than cutting-edge Progressives.
    – Uniform quality across brands.
    – Generally clearer peripheral vision than older-era Progressives.

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What You Can Expect from AFE

Our Promise:

  • We will work to give you the best eye care experience of your life.
  • We will treat you like a member of our family.
  • We will serve and take care of you until you are satisfied.
  • We will give you Care and Quality without Compromise.
  • We will stand behind what we sell with our Exclusive, No Questions Asked Warranty. No one else even comes close.
  • We will provide you with superior medical eye care, the best quality frames and the newest technology in lenses and contacts to maximize your vision.

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