What makes a great pair of glasses?

It starts with the frame:

The frame must be of the finest quality; it must fit your face–the shape and color must make you look fantastic. it must work with the lenses that it will hold; and it must complement your lifestyle, not hinder it.  We are experts at helping you find THAT frame.

Great lenses

The lenses must be a combination of the most advanced technologies available including: space age materials that are matched to your individual prescription; optics designed to give the cleanest possible vision at every distance; lens treatments that eliminate glare, protect from scratches and make your lenses easy to clean, and they must come from a lab that delivers uncompromising accuracy.  We are experts at helping you select lenses that will help you see BETTER than ever!

The right prescription

Finally, an accurate prescription is the keystone that holds it all together. This is one area where we do it the old-fashioned way–by hand.  No technology or machine has yet replaced the art of a fine, handcrafted refraction.  There's a little bit of magic that happens when the lenses are spinning and the Doctor wants to know, repeatedly, "which is better, one or two"?   Don't worry, we won't let you give us the wrong answer!

Come in to Advanced Family Eyecare and see how each pair of glasses we make is a Masterpiece!  We care about the OPTICS you wear on your face–how you see with them and how they look on you.

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