Lens Materials

We use the finest grade materials for your lenses that are available in the world. 

Thinnest:  1.74 index

Thin:  1.67 index

Thin: 1.60 index

Light and Strong: 1.59 index (Polycarb)

Why choose Thin&Lite® high-index lenses?

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  • It's the thinnest lens and latest technology in high index
  • Offers extreme flatness for cosmetics and optical performance
  • Delivers transparency, unparalleled durability, and unmatched 
    cleanability and smudge resistance with Crizal® Alizé®
  • High-tech product appeals to upscale consumers
  • Offers the largest range of availability on the market

Who Benefits?

  • Patients looking for extreme thinness and flatness
  • Mid-to-high-prescription patients looking for best cosmetics
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Upscale presbyopes who expect the performance of Varilux®
  • Patients who want the latest technology and best AR with Crizal Alizé

Thin & Lite high-index lenses offer true optical asphericity.

High-index lenses have flatter curves than their lower-index counterparts for a reduced lens profile. A flatter curve, however, can cause off-axis blurred vision. To compensate, Thin&Lite incorporates optical aspheric technology into the lens design. This results in a change of dioptric value, which reduces optical aberration in the periphery of the lens. Not all aspherics are created equal. Thin&Lite delivers the industry’s most advanced optical performance in a flat design while preserving beautiful cosmetic appeal.

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