Contact Lens Eye Health

Here are 5 fundamentals that will protect your corneal health when you wear contact lenses:

  • Your doctor’s input is paramount–there is no substitute for his or her professional care. Your doctor has the tools to evaluate the way contact lenses affect your corneas; the knowledge to help you prevent problems; the skill to correct problems; and an incredible variety of resources to find a combination of materials, solutions, and wearing modality to ensure your success. See your doctor any time something seems out of order with your vision or eye comfort.  It is always better to be  safe than sorry with contact lenses.  A yearly eye health examination is essential to ensure that your eyes are healthy.
  • Replace your lenses as directed by your doctor. They wear out! You shouldn't feel much difference between an old pair and a new pair–if you do, you wore the old pair too long. Remember, disposable lenses cost between one and 11 dollars each.  Stretching them out often gets you in trouble.  Its not worth the risky!  Seeing us to fix problems caused by worn out lenses is much more expensive than just keeping your lenses fresh.
  • Wear them on the schedule recommended by your doctor. Too many hours can lead to oxygen deprivation which can harm your corneas. Giving your eyes a break and wearing your glasses once a week or at the end of a long day is a treat for your corneas. Never wear your contacts overnight unless directed by your doctor and even then, do so with extreme caution.
  • Use quality solutions. Solution manufacturers are very competitive–they really work hard at formulating the most comfortable, effective disinfectant systems possible. Quality name brand solutions really do have better ingredients than store labels or no-name brands and are worth the money.  We recommend Alcon’s Opti-Free Pure Moist or Ciba’s Clear Care and can provide you of samples of either to find which is right for you.
  • Be clean. Wash your hands prior to handling your lenses. Replace your case often. Disinfect your lenses daily. Never use water or put them in your mouth.
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