Are your soft contact lenses up to date?

Soft Contact lenses technology made a quantum leap when the first Silicone Hydrogels emerged on the scene in 1999. Since then, an increasing number of lens options in Silicone Hydrogels have come to market. Silicone Hydrogels breathe better than standard hydrogels and are generally safer and healthier for your cornea. They now come in a wide variety of replacement modalities from lenses you wear once and throw away so you have a fresh lens every day to lenses you put in and wear for a month.  

They latest lens, Ciba Vision's Dailies Total 1, promises another quantum leap in contact lens health and comfort.  It water gradient technology offers the most breathable lens on the market with the softest, slickest surface ever for unparalleled comfort.  If you have thought you could not wear contacts because of dryness or irritation you have got to try this lens.

Many people feel soft contacts will not work for them because they have astigmatism.  With modern toric lenses( lenses that correct astigmatism) most people can achieve clear, comfortable, stable vision.  Several materials also exist for hard-to-fit dry eyes along with solutions and treatments that improve all day comfort.

A wide array of disposable colors can spice up your looks and change the first thing people notice when they look at your face–your eyes!

Remember! Contact lenses are foreign to your eyes! They rest on your cornea which is living, breathing tissue. While they are healthier than ever before, they still can cause a variety of complications from minor irritation to ulcers and permanent vision loss.  Because of this we strongly recommend yearly eye health examinations and sticking to the FDA approved wearing schedules.

Buying Your Contacts

At the end of the contact lens fitting process we will gladly provide you with a copy of your contact lens prescription.  We, of course, would also be happy to provide you with your supply of contacts.  Here are several reasons why Advanced Family Eyecare offers you the best value when purchasing your contacts.

  • We offer very competitive pricing!  We constantly monitor our prices to ensure we offer the best value possible on contact lenses.  On a year supply of contacts we can offer you better pricing than on-lone providers because of special pricing and rebates from the manufactures.
  •  We are more convenient! You can order your lenses while in our office and we will have them delivered to your home within a few days.  We will also prepare all the forms you need to get all available manufacturers’ rebates while you are here so all you have to do is drop them in the mail box.
  • We stand behind any contact lenses you purchase from us.  We offer service and a warranty that big box and online retailers just can’t match.  If you rip a lens before its time to change it, lose a disposable lens or one just does not seem to work we will replace it, usually the same day.  If your prescription changes in the middle of the year, come on in!  Dr. Jones will check your prescription and we will exchange any unopened boxes at no charge.  We want to take care of you.
  •  We take your eye health seriously.  Dr. Jones will make sure you are in the lens that not only offers you the best vision but that will also be the best for the health of your eyes.  

 Price, Convenience and Peace of Mind.  Now that is Value.


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