Your Visit

We're excited to see you! On your first visit, and on every visit, you can expect a warm welcome.

In order to provide you with optimal care, please bring the following items to your first visit.

  1. Fill out and bring the office forms.

    For your convenience you can download, print, and fill out our required office forms before your visit. If you forget, don't worry! You can also fill them out once you get to the office.
    Download the forms here.

  2. Bring your insurance information.

    Our staff will check your benefits for you and determine what services are covered. Most medical insurance plans cover “routine” visits. If you don't have insurance or it isn't accepted, we'll find a payment plan that will work for your budget.

  3. Bring your existing eyeglasses

    Please bring ALL pairs for eyeglasses you currently use, including prescription or non prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. We have instruments to compare the power of your old lenses with your new exam findings, thus enabling us to determine and explain how your vision has changed over time. We can also evaluate the condition and fit of your current eye wear.

  4. Come in wearing your contact lenses

    It is best to wear your current contacts to your appointment if possible. Next best is bring them along in your case. If you wear planned replacement or disposable lenses, it is very helpful if you bring along your cartons or lens packets that indicate the lens series, power, manufacturer, etc.

  5. Bring a list of all medications you’re taking

    A complete list of prescription and non-prescription medications will be required on the health history part of the office form. This may be brought in as a separate list for us to photocopy if you prefer.

  6. Bring any eyedrops or ointments you use

    Please place any eye drops or ointments that you use in a small bag and bring it along with you. Your doctor will review whether these are appropriate or if a better option is available.

  7. Come in 15-20 minutes early to look at our eyewear selection before dilation.

    A common part of most eye exams is dilation. This is where we put drops in your eyes that allow Dr. Jones to better examine them. Dilation causes sensitivity to light and "fuzzy" vision at near. This makes it hard to select frames after an exam. If you know you are wanting new frames, it’s best to come in early to select the frames before dilation occurs.

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